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A Rapidly Growing User Base

LEAP's growth is a result of developing the very best in legal tech for law firms, and continuously refining it through consistent client feedback.


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Annual Committed Monthly Revenue

LEAP Legal Software is the biggest independent legal software company in the world.



Accelerated Cash Flows

Extraordinary time recording and super-efficient billing systems enable lawyers to accurately record everything they do and easily bill as soon as they are entitled to.


invoiced through the LEAP billing system

Unparalleled uptime

Lawyers who rely on LEAP can rest assured that our systems offer unparalleled stability and uptime so the business of law is never interrupted. Wherever you are, however you work, we are proud to provide quality you can count on.


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Smooth Electronic Conversion of Old Client Data

The history contained in legacy data is important and valuable to every law firm. Safely moving that data to a new system is a major cause of resistance to progress and change. LEAP has developed the intellectual property and expertise to electronically convert data and documents accurately and safely from more than 70 competitor products.


electronic conversions of legacy data

Automated Legal Documents

LEAP is a tremendous success in all the markets it is sold because of the depth of local knowledge that we incorporate in our legal documents. We only sell LEAP in jurisdictions where we believe that the quality of our fully integrated legal documents is good enough, and where we receive consistent client feedback to keep improving them.


automated documents in MS Word covering all the common areas of law for firms


Trust Money Compliance

The huge responsibility of being trusted to look after client money and comply with professional regulations troubles many lawyers. LEAP enables lawyers to comply with the regulations of the jurisdiction in which it is sold, providing client satisfaction and peace of mind for busy lawyers.


Trust Money processed successfully and compliantly

Secure Client Data

Safe storage of firm and client data is crucial in the modern world. All LEAP data is stored on multiple redundant servers powered by Amazon Web Services in London, Virginia, Dublin and Sydney.


terabytes of data stored on the LEAP Servers in AWS


Document Sharing

Exchanging information and collaborating on work in a safe and secure environment provides law firms with a competitive advantage. LEAP's client portal, known as LawConnect, is the go-to place for consumers to work with their lawyers.


documents shared


LEAP develops and hosts websites that help consumers interact easily with their lawyers to pay bills, set appointments, view documents, and make general enquiries.


consumer facing websites


Web portals are offered to our law firms as a way to better service their clients. It is the one place where clients can; find a phone number, access documents, book appointments and pay bills securely on any device.



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