Holly Taylor

Global Head of Content Quality

Holly Taylor
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Holly Taylor is the Global Head of Content Quality of LEAP Legal Software.

Holly’s initial role was to create and manage the Content for the software’s earliest versions.

She then progressed to Business Development before leading the Client Success Team in Australia.

Most recently, Holly has been working with LEAP Dev to improve and innovate their content delivery system. These improvements have directly assisted the teams working on LEAP’s Content; ultimately benefiting our users.

As Global Head of Content Quality, Holly plays a crucial role ensuring consistency of content across the many jurisdictions in which LEAP operates.

Content is a key driver of LEAP’s value and ensures our software stays competitive by providing law firms with accurate, up-to-date local content. As our internal systems have progressed and evolved, making strategic choices about how to develop or redevelop key documents has become more complex. Holly assists with this process by working closely with LEAP Dev and content teams in each region to streamline information flow.

Holly brings over 25 years in Legal Tech experience to LEAP. She is passionate about producing simple, effective and intuitive software for our Clients.