Mariska Lloyd

Global Transitions Manager

Mariska Lloyd
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Mariska is LEAP's Global Transition Manager, reporting directly to Executive Chairman Richard Hugo-Hamman. Mariska is responsible for ensuring high-standard data migrations, policies and procedures globally.

Mariska joined LEAP in 2015 as Senior Transitions Coach. She was instrumental in improving the quality of data migrations in the UK by combining her legal accounting, software and data migration knowledge. In her capacity as Global Transitions Manager, Mariska oversees the development of data migration software that provides the sales team a competitive edge in the market.

Before joining LEAP, Mariska was a Business Consultant at Redbrick Solutions (UK) Ltd. She was responsible for ensuring Redbrick's accounting software offering was market ready for the UK. She also managed the implementation projects, including installation, training, data migrations and client support. Mariska spent over 6 years working for solicitors as a legal bookkeeper.

Mariska earned a certificate in Financial Management at Varsity College in South Africa.