Mark Burgess

Chief Executive Officer of LEAP Developments

Mark Burgess
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Mark is the Chief Executive Officer of LEAP Developments and serves on LEAP's Board of Directors.

Mark joined LEAP in 2002 as an Analyst-Programmer and led the development of its land title searching website. Shifting into LEAP's core development team, he went on to develop LEAP Accounting v2003 before being promoted to the position of Software Development Manager. He personally oversaw the design development of LEAP's core and then-revolutionary client-server products, including LEAP Documents, LEAP Accounting and LEAP Websites.

Mark took the position of LEAP's Chief Software Architect and shifted LEAP's development strategy towards cloud technologies, introducing LEAP Office Cloud (now just "LEAP") to Australia in 2013. Following LEAP's success in Australia, Mark accepted a position on LEAP's Board of Directors and was promoted to CEO. In this capacity, his strategic vision ensured the successful introduction of LEAP in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Mark earned a Bachelor of Computer Science from Western Sydney University.