Olivia Mockel

Chief Executive Officer | PCLaw | Time Matters

Olivia Mockel

Olivia Mockel is the Chief Executive Officer of PCLaw |Time Matters™ (P|T), a Joint Venture between LEAP and LexisNexis, and serves on the P|T Board of Directors.

Olivia has 12 years' experience in legal and professional services, establishing and growing new businesses in North America, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

Prior to becoming the CEO of P|T, Olivia was the COO and responsible for the day-to-day operations of transitioning a department of LexisNexis into a successful business generating more than USD $30 million per year in revenue.

Olivia joined LEAP in 2017 as Vice President of Design & Automation and subsequently led the Client Success Team, ensuring that LEAP customers were provided the best services possible.

Before joining LEAP, Olivia worked at Ernst & Young, where she established two new digital services within the EY Growth Solutions portfolio, a new business model of innovative on-demand solutions. These services were expanded from EY MENA to EY EMEIA, while growing a team of 55 consultants and an offshore development team and building a sales pipeline of +USD$3.5M by year 2.

With experience working in a law firm and as in-house legal counsel for a global technology company, Olivia understands the pressures and opportunities of the legal industry.

Olivia completed a Graduate Diploma in Law and holds a Legal Practical Qualification alongside her Masters in English Literature.