Richard Hugo-Hamman

Executive Chairman

Richard Hugo-Hamman
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Richard Hugo-Hamman is the Executive Chairman of LEAP and serves on its Board of Directors. He is an acknowledged global expert on the use of productivity and record-keeping technology in small law firms around the world.

Before being named Executive Chairman in 2015, and the appointment of country-based CEO's, Richard was LEAP's Chief Operating Officer in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. He was responsible for worldwide sales and operations, software development and content development.

Prior to joining LEAP in 2005, Richard ran Hamman Anderson, a successful consulting company that specialised in assisting suppliers of technology to the legal market. LEAP was a client. Richard was also involved in a number of technology start-ups operating in the small law firm legal sector.

Before switching to legal technology in 1992, Richard was Managing Partner of Pincus Matz Marquard Hugo-Hamman, a law firm that pioneered the use of technology in the legal sector.

Richard earned a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Cape Town.

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